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Advice line

0845 300 7585

Coalition for Better Care

Two of the major groups concerned with the care of older people - CCC and the Coalition for Quality in Care (CQC) have joined forces and created a single organisation which believes that the provision of decent levels of care which provides security, dignity and independence for older people, their families and carers is the most fundamental human right in a civil society.

Mission Statement

"We believe that all older people in Britain should live their lives in dignity, comfort and in a place of their choosing. We want all elements of society to make the necessary individual and social investment to ensure that happens.

We will raise awareness of the needs, rights and aspirations of all older people in long term care, particularly those who are most vulnerable and will seek to do this through the promotion of good practice and vigilance on the issues which ensure quality of care.

Our task is to ensure that policy-makers pursue this goal and to encourage the public to join with us in our mission to persuade them to do so."

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