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Advice line

0845 300 7585

Feedback and outcomes

Counsel and Care is committed to delivering the highest quality of service and providing value for money. Service user evaluation and feedback is taken very seriously and informs our campaigning work for better care.

As part of our service we can provide anonymised evaluation reports outlining calls to the advice team. In addition we can also carry out in-depth research three to six months after the person contacted us to gather feedback and explore outcomes arising from the advice given. This provides valuable information on community needs, gaps in the market and savings in resources.

Some quotes from people we have helped:
“I am so glad I contacted you. I have been so stressed about this but I can now see a way forward. You are the only organisation I have talked to that has made any sense”

“Could not speak highly enough of the service of the support”

“Working my way through the tangle of facts and misinformation, Counsel and Care were clear, concise, accurate and honest”

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