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Advice line

0845 300 7585

How your support helps

Any donation you can afford, large or small, will help us to continue our valuable work of getting the best care and support for older people, their families and carers. We are always grateful for your support.

Your support can help people such as Mr M.

Mr M is 86 and lives in his own home. His wife lives in a care home about a mile away from his house. Mr M contacted Counsel and Care because his increasing frailty meant that he could no longer walk to visit Mrs M, and he had to rely on being offered irregular lifts from family and friends. Counsel and Care was able to give Mr M details of local transport services in his area which he could use to go and see his wife, and also give him details of Attendance Allowance which he was not receiving. Because Mr M did not have much savings we helped him apply to other charities for a grant to raise the total amount needed for a mobility scooter. Mr M enjoys his scooter and the independence this gives him, particularly as he can now visit his wife every day.

Some feedback from our enquirers:

"I cannot explain how much help your service and prompt reply has been to me. It has greatly relieved my anxiety at a time when I am trying to cope with many difficult changes. Thank you so much".

"The lady with whom I spoke was able to provide me with a wealth of comfort and support that no one else could/or ever could provide".

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