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Mental Health and Capacity

Click on the titles below for guides about mental health difficulties and managing if mental capacity is affected:

Hospital Care in England: Everything you need to know before, during and after your stay (guide 11)

This guide is about what you might need to think about before you go into hospital. It is also about what you may need to consider during your stay and after your discharge from hospital to make sure that you get any care and support you are assessed as needing at home or elsewhere.

Memory loss, depression, 'confusion' and dementia (guide 9)

This guide provides information on memory loss, depression and ‘confusion' and what treatment and support may be available. It also covers the different types of dementia and what support is available to someone with dementia and their carers.

Money and welfare: managing my affairs if I become ill (guide 33)

If you become ill, there may come a point when you are no longer able to manage your money. This guide explains how you can make preparations for a trusted family member or friend to manage your financial affairs in the way you would wish if such a time occurs.

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