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Press Releases

Our latest news releases about Counsel and Care and older people, their families and carers.

Councils Not Consulting Adequately on Services for Older People

Counsel and Care is dismayed at the investigation results published by Community Care.  An investigation revealed that one out of ten councils could have increased their charges for adult social care services before going through the full consultation process, a legal obligation since 2006.

1 September 2011

The merger of Independent Age and Counsel and Care

Independent Age and Counsel and Care are merging. The result will be the development of a broader range of services for older people than either could provide separately. Under the plans, Independent Age will become managing trustee of Counsel and Care, with a full legal merger taking place as soon as practical.

27 July 2011

EHRC Report Reveals Human Rights Violations in Home Care

Counsel and Care is concerned by the report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission exposing the poor care of older people who live at home. The failure of home based care and support system to recognise the rights and dignity of older people and their mistreatment are clear indications that changes must be made in the social care system to protect the rights of all older people, including those who are the most vulnerable.
20 June 2011

OFT Report: Care Homes Have Improved But Most Still Do Not Offer Clear Route to Making a Complaint

Counsel and Care welcomes the report published by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The OFT conducted an independent evaluation of its 2005 market study into care homes for older people and found that improvements have been made across the sector. However, Counsel and Care is concerned that the OFT has reported that only 60 per cent of care homes regularly provide information to residents on complaints procedures.

12 May 2011

Counsel and Care Applauds the Law Commission's Focus on Advice and Information, but Concerns Remain

Counsel and Care broadly supports the Law Commission's recommendations on adult social care. These are a welcome move, alongside the forthcoming conclusions of the Dilnot Commission, toward a sea change in the way social care is carried out and regulated in England and Wales. A focus on wellbeing, prevention, and information and advice are critical to ensuring older people get the dignity and respect that they deserve. The proposal to enshrine these in law is without a doubt a great leap forward for the future of adult social care.

10 May 2011

Counsel and Care Supports Living Streets Campaign

Counsel and Care is supporting Living Streets' Neighbourhood Heroes campaign, which highlights the fact that many people, including some of the most vulnerable, struggle to access essential local shops and services on foot.
7 April 2011

'No Help Here': Incorrect and Often Illegal Advice is Major Concer for Older People with Care Needs

Worries about older people being given incorrect and illegal advice by their local authority has become the emerging issue for Counsel and Care’s advice service in 2010, according to the Care Concerns 2010 report. The report is based on the over 250,000 older people, their families and carers who access Counsel and Care’s Advice Service a year via telephone, website, guides and publications.  This includes over 3,000 detailed cases supported directly by our Telephone Support Service.
22 March 2011

Counsel and Care Welcomes Bupa Rerport on the Care Crisis

Counsel and Care welcomes the messages highlighted in the report published by Bupa that the future of health and social care will be in crisis if there are not fundamental changes to the funding and provision of care.
24 February 2011

Failing NHS Care for Older People 'Unacceptable', Say Counsel and Care

Counsel and Care is concerned by the report by the Health Ombudsman exposing the abuse of older people’s rights in the NHS. The failure of the NHS to recognise the rights and dignity of older people and the harrowing tales of mistreatment are clear indications that changes must be made in the health system to support and care for all people, including those most vulnerable. 
15 February 2011

'Summer Wine' Star Juliette Kaplan Champions Counsel and Care at its Chairman's Reception

Counsel and Care was delighted with the success of the Chairman’s Reception, with the actress Juliette Kaplan as guest speaker. At the reception, Peter Watt was welcomed as Counsel and Care’s new Chief Executive. Attendees were given an opportunity to find out more about the organisation, and to learn about the important work the charity undertakes.
10 February 2011

Handbook on Choosing, Paying for and Living in a Care Home Available Free

Counsel and Care is promoting its Care Home Handbook, which is available free for older people, their families and carers, and involved professionals. Supported by the Department of Health, this 56-page handbook provides vital information for anyone who may be considering care in a care home. This includes people who are planning for or making decisions about their future care, people who are supporting someone they care for and also care professionals, including local council social workers and care managers, who are exploring options on behalf of someone they advise.
9 February 2011

A New Campaign to End Loneliness: The Hidden Killer of Older People

Five organisations are joining forces to fight isolation and loneliness in older people, which research suggests is as great a threat to health as smoking and as much of a threat as obesity. The Campaign to End Loneliness is being launched by Independent Age, Age UK Oxfordshire, Counsel and Care, and WRVS and is funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
1 February 2011

A Patient Centred NHS Must Mean Real Choice and a Real Voice for Older People

Counsel and Care welcome the government's plans to bring patients to the centre of health and social care in order to have a 'real voice' in their own care. The charity calls for better commissioning which must include commissioning for outcomes for patients and not just outputs.  However, the charity asks, how do we provide ‘real’ choice in the face of such drastic and wide ranging cuts?
20 January 2011

Counsel and Care Prediction Realised as Homecare Charges on the Increase

As foreseen in Counsel and Care’s 2010 survey of council care charging, older people needing homecare now have to face huge increases in the cost of care.   The report from Which? finds councils asserting that government funding cuts mean that there is insufficient cash, and those who have to pay for their own homecare are having to pay even more.
20 January 2011

Counsel and Care Welcomes New Research on the Need for Improved Advice and Information on Care

Counsel and Care strongly support the messages highlighted in the report by the Institute for Public Policy at Oxford Brookes University and Melanie Henwood Associates. This report reconfirms the need for councils to support independent advice services, such as Counsel and Care, which has been running for almost 60 years. It is vital that older people and their carers have access to balanced and quality information and advice on care and support.
19 January 2011

Counsel and Care Welcomes Care Quality Commission's Call for Better Care for Stroke Survivors

Counsel and Care welcomes the report from the Care Quality Commission that many stroke survivors are not receiving the right levels of support when they leave hospital.
12 January 2011

Smarter spending could deliver better care

Central and local government are today challenged to use social care funding more smartly to deliver better care for Britain's ageing population. Counsel and Care believes smarter spending could release up to £3 billion that could be redirected to provide better care and support for the growing number of older people and their carers.

6 January 2011

Bed Blocking in Hospitals is a Violation of Older People's Rights

Counsel and Care is not surprised to hear that so called ‘bed blocking’ is increasingly occurring in hospitals all over the UK as reported by The serious lapses in joined up care and cuts to social services mean that older people are not receiving the quality and standards of care that they are entitled to.
5 January 2011

Counsel and Care Welcomes Announcement on Extra Money for Hospital Discharge

Counsel and Care welcomes the messages highlighted in the announcement made by the Department of Health that an efficiency drive has created an additional £162 million for health and care services.
4 January 2011

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